For All of the Writers I’ve Read Before

and will read so much more, because, greatness.

Brightness offered to me that I’m offering to you! —

I read more than I write, and I think of writing more than I read.

Thinking of writing keeps my mind pleasantly occupied during drives, hikes (short jaunts into woodlands), during work times (domestic & professional), sometimes during sex (maybe not, but I’ll need to research this more), and in the multiple trips with the garbage to the curb. (How can we have this much trash and yet still have this much stuff?)

When I’m not thinking of writing, I’m reading these writers.

And other fine writers who seep into my reading spaces with excellent form.

If you’re still following along (love you), here’s the part where I list a few Medium authors whom I find exceptional.

I’m sharing them here, since I appreciate those who do the same with their own favorites. And since my co-workers have stopped listening to me.

This is not a complete list, of course, but its comprised of my present “mosts”, in no particular order. Its derived purely from vague bits of memory captured as I feverishly type. Trust me, they’re great.

I’ve not added a clever intro or favorite piece to each named since I can’t do all of the work for you, I’ve got more reading and thinking about writing to do. Also, I might have to link the names if it doesn’t auto link once published, and I’m slightly inept at this trickery.

Feel free to agree with me, and share your own favorites! I will assuredly check them out, and what I mean by that is, their five minutes or less pieces, sorry not sorry. (I am so sorry.)

Yammering bits and some blathering. Humor is my first language, my second skin, and my hello.

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