First of all, my claps became undone (medium app). What kind of trickery is this? Can we (someone else) figure it out please?

I don’t agree with your findings so much. I’ve only been exposed to a couple women’s strangely inappropriate & foolish profile pics — however they happen to write erotica so it seems fitting. And there are trolls & critics & when I read a shit post, I wish for my minutes back & do not clap for participation. Screw that! I think what we’ve found here is a platform where creative people thrive, or at least think about thriving (me). There’s not a ton of time or energy to spar. Me, I’m tired. I read what grabs my attention and feeds my interests, until I have to live my life, darn you life! Time, its precious to me.

Yammering bits and some blathering. Humor is my first language, my second skin, and my hello.

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